Thursday, August 7, 2014


Scarf: H&M
Tank Top: H&M
Shorts: Plato Closet
Chains: Forever  21
Bag. Michael Kors

I'm finally done with my move. It literally took me 4 days to move. I hate moving. It seems like I move every year. I promise myself that the next time I move it will be to relocate for a job or to move into a house.  Since I discovered how to do turbans I just don't even attempt to do my hair any more. My hair is actually natural underneath this scarf. I don't care what no one says. Natural hair is a lot of work it is easier to keep braids in and keep it moving. If you guys notice there is a rack of clothes behind me that I'm suppose to be doing a youtube video for. I have the hardest time making videos. I tip my hat to the girls who do it on a regular basis because it is a lot of work. I think I tried to do one video for like 2 hours and still didn't keep the footage because it was blurry the whole time. Anyway I was sitting around in my house and was like, let me put an outfit of the day up. I know its pretty basic but I don't dress up everyday because I work from home. I will be dressed up tomorrow because I have dinner reservations with a friend so stay tune for that. Have a bless day everyone.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

movie date

Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: ASOS

Sorry for the quick post. I was experimenting with my lighting. I still haven't gotten it right i guess practice make perfect. I'm running out the door for a movie and dinner. I'm going to see Deliver Us From Evil. I will give you guys a review in the next post. Enjoy the four day weekend. Be safe and bless.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Learning and growing

Top: Plato Closets
White bandu: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Blue Jean shorts: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: H&M

Today I spent the day reflecting on life. Sometimes your problems don't seem as significent until someone else world crash around them. Today I had to experience a family member life fall apart. Her husband walked out on her. Not only did she work three jobs to take care of her and her family she also take cares of her 6 month old son. May I add he doesn't work. Who leaves their wife and stepson? I already have a dislike for men but this proves why i don't like men. Men are different from women they can easily move on while we women will pine over a relationship which we know isn't working.  I was sitting at home all sad over my ex-boyfriend who keeps leaving me every time there is a problem. I feel like me and my sister have so much to give to the right person. I just trust Gods plan, its hard at times but I know if he is making us wait its going to be worth it. If I can help anyone, here is some advice. Never settle, know your worth, and don't ignore the signs. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Shirt: Discovery
Shoes: Steve Madden

Today is one of those days where I just couldn't get my lighting to work so these pictures are just terrible to me. Im experimenting not with lighting but also my makeup. Usually I'm just a smokey eye and pink lipstick person. Today I tried something different I actually like it. I just wish I didn't look this fat. This picture is enough to motivate me back to the gym. Well just wanted to post a quick outfit post before I run out the door. Everyone have a safe and bless day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Job interviews

Crop Top: Discovery clothing store
Pants: Target
Sandals: gojane

Well guess what? I've finally figured out how to use my camera. Hurry for me! Get use to seeing this background since I don't have anyone to take pictures of me, I'll be using my computer and remote control to take my selfies.  I know, I don't have any excuses any more why I can't take any pictures. It's been a long journey. I bought all the lighting equipment I needed, an iMac and a Rebel DOS T3i. This equipment was no joke. I've been taught if I'm going to do something, to do it the correct way and give 100% which is what I'm doing. Ok enough of this talk. I'm in bartender school ( because I have nothing else to do beside indulge in another hobby) and was sent to a restaurant by my teacher to go apply for a bartender position. You guys ever have an interview where you know its not going that great and its not you but the manager? Yeah that was me today. I've been taught to look people in the eye when I talk to them, clearly this confused the manager because he asked me if I understood what he was saying. I was like yes I just look people in the eye when I talk to them. To be honest I was thinking how do someone like this own a business. Well that's a restaurant I will pass on can't see myself working for an idiot. I will see you guys tomorrow.

Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Back, Lola Rae Watch my tingo go dance video

Hello my beauties, I know i've been gone forever but I'm getting it together. I've done some soul searching. Been through so much the last year or so. Since I want to be open with you guys, I'm going to fill you in. I've moved from the inner city to the suburbs. I've met a group of fantastic friends. But my spiritual and love life have been lacking. I fell into a deep depression but I'll back on traffic now. I've been listening to Abraham Hicks and some Wayne Dwyer. I realize Im in charge of my happiness and I need to change my way of thinking. I'm still working on it. I've decided that Im not going to date for a year to make sure I'm in a good and stable place before I can commit myself to someone else. On another note when you are single and happy you tend to want to workout. I'm back into the gym and yoga. I will be tracking my progress through my blog and youtube channel.  I wanted to share this song with you guys because I can't stop listening to it. Love finding songs that most people aren't aware of. I was born a dancer. These two girls are so cute. I love their style of dancing. I found them on youtube and looked at all of their videos. They are going to be great choreographers if they keep up the hard work. Hope you guys enjoy this video. Leave your comments below. Have a bless day guys.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Short hair don't care.....

Good morning my beauties. I've been gone a long time. You guys know how life gets busy. I've been
through a lot. I've learned so much in the last 7 months. Through the hardship and pain I endured I can say everything happens for a reason. I'm a firm believer in GOD. You have to trust and have faith that he will be there on time. I've been through 2 breakups. Boy did they take their toll on my mind, body and soul. The breakups made me do some soul searching. I bought a few self-help books which help tremendously. I started focusing on what made me happy and realize I was ok alone. I always knew that but from my last relationship I lost myself in him. I did what made him happy I didn't care about myself. I will never in life do that again. When I begin to find myself  I meet some of the best friends I could ever have. I joined a volleyball team where I met more friends. So now I have this group of incredible friends.  Through my friend Michelle I met my boyfriend Jem. We were just out venting about our loser, dirt bag, scumbag ex's when he came walking along and asked for a slice of pizza.  I wasn't in the mood to be bothered so I just kind of wrote him off as a loser and he is far from that. He makes me want to be a better person without judging me on my pass or the mistakes I make. Moral of the story ladies is even when you are in the darkest place there is a light at the end of the tunnel and God is good all the time.